Monday, 5 March 2007


Decisions are so difficult! There are times I cannot even decide which food to have when I see a long menu in a restaurant! "Chicken Reshmi Kebab" or "Chicken Tandoori" or "Chicken Tikka" or...

But there are times when you need to decide on more important matters. Like a new career opportunity. I find myself mostly making decisions based on intuition and passion. I really do not understand why I do that, but somehow leading a life of values has always been more important for me than living a life of valuables. Money does not lure me anymore!

Many of my students ask me about which company to choose, which brand is better... inspite of all that the market says... I still believe that one must do what one wants to do and loves to do. The company, the brand does not bother me at all! Yes... sometimes I do think about it, and about the weight a big brand name carries, but where would I take that name... to the grave?!

Life itself throws so many challenges, decision making is one of them.

But whatever it is, as a good friend of mine had once advised, I always "follow my heart"!

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Abhi said...

well decisions taken from the heart and instinct may not always be correct...i may even know that this isn't going to help me in my future career graph...but still few things does dat case is it advisable to take the decision thinking that we must listen to our heart ?????