Monday 26 March 2007

Soft Skills Trainers - Change Agents

Being a change agent involves a thorough understanding of the human mind and the influence of external stimuli which can bring about a change. Human beings tend to develop a set mindset according to the external environment and the experiences they go through. Various people and incidents shape our thinking.

I have found that the best Trainers are those who are pretty intuitive in understanding the pulse of the group being trained as well as the characteristics of each individual. The first step to being a change agent is to understand the human mind.

It is my personal belief that every soft skills trainer needs to constantly research on how the mind learns, what are the external influences that can help a person to think independently and learn with an open mind. It is definitely not an easy task, however, with effort from all of us, we can build a solution which would in turn need constant modifications as humanity passes through various stages of progress and development.

An important tool to help bring about a positive change in the learning process is Motivation. As a wise man had said, "A Teacher's job is to inspire... not to teach!"

And as I would quote with inspiration from the wise man, "Inspire them, and they will learn!"


Unknown said...

dear zubin,
its inspiring..... i'm sure that you are doing justice to your work. keep writing...i would love to keep reading them.

Crew@Ginger Chai said...

I am inspired! Keep going dude.