Thursday, 12 April 2007

Post Resignation Experience - Behaviour from others

What happens when you resign from a company? Well, you get to see the true nature of the relationship between you and each individual/employee in the company.

It is really interesting to note that certain people who would be so nice to you during your tenure in the company, would actually start behaving otherwise when they know you are leaving. However, it does not apply to every person. This kind of changed behaviour is seen only in a few people.

This experience, though, should not be taken lightly. Because you get to understand the true character of so many people, and understand whether these people value the relationship as human beings or are simply opportunistic and value the relationship if it is professionally beneficial for them.

Interestingly enough, I am going through such an experience and pondering over it. I kept asking myself how people can be so selfish or opportunistic that all that matters to them is their interest. Do such people actually care about the company and its interests? If they are least bothered about relationships, would they make good managers, and more importantly, good leaders?

I found that answers to these questions are in the negative. I can’t believe that there are such people in the capacity of a leader in a company! It seems true now that the corporate world does lack good leaders and people with good PR skills. It is a pity that a country like India with its potential to grow and improve would have to make do with such people.

I am really hoping to find a solution to this problem. Till then I would keep pondering. But definitely there must be a good solution, and I am looking forward to see a work world in India with excellent leadership guiding the ship to the greatest distances and great heights of achievement!

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