Friday, 20 June 2008

A new beginning...

As I approached the big winged machine, I started thinking about all the wonderful things about my country. It was my first international travel. The plane was filled with numerous Indians, so I did not feel like I was in an alien world. But I was sure going to one.

The flight took off, and a gentle numbness of mind stopped all those random little thoughts.

The landing was pretty smooth, and I had already planned to shout out loud, “UK, here I come!” But the words stayed in my mind. The loud voice of the mind kept shouting again and again. I knew I was in London. However, there wasn’t any excitement. I was just happy. I was happy that I had made it on my own. I had answered all critics in my family [the negative relatives] that I had the potential to do all that I believed I could.

I enjoyed the ride from London [Heathrow airport] to Milton Keynes. I was able to get a good accommodation [with three “meals” added] in Old Brook. Nice place, nice people, nice beginning.

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