Friday 7 October 2011

Back to Blogging after 3 long years!

It feels good to be back to writing my blog. The gap has been too long - more than 3 years! It is difficult for me to fathom why I have not written here for so long. The excuses I can think of are few, for example I can say that my stay at UK for a year was so busy that I could not write, and then I got married the next year when I returned to Kolkata and so had to adjust to a new life, and then the following year I started my training business and that took a lot out of me. Well, leave alone the excuses, and most importantly I am happy that I am back to writing.

I have already told you the major events of my life that happened in the last 3 years (work in UK, wedding, new business), but there is a lot more to it than what appears. It has been 3 long years of change management and the amount of learning has been amazing.

While I stayed in England I learnt about European culture. Before my visit I had heard stories about how Indians are considered not to be well-behaved, and display uncivilised behaviour, and such other things. My visit to England helped me to understand why such a view existed. I found most of my peers, and otherwise, who went to England to work, most of them being IT engineers, displayed genuine lack of understanding and adjustment. While I cannot stereotype, but the stereotype itself had reasons.

I lived, for the most part, in a common house with 5 other people from different countries. So, during the whole year I had stayed in the same house with people from England, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, South Africa and India! Living in this small globalised world I called home, I made friends with all of them, and what I found to be true was that good behaviour and empathy were the most important qualities one requires to be able to connect with anyone in this world. All of us are human beings, irrespective of which country we live in. Somewhere there is a connection between all of us. This understanding itself is required in everyone.

From England back to India and a status change from "single" to "married" and behold new lessons in life! So, after one year of learning how to adjust and live with different people from different cultures, I was back home learning new tricks of the trade! A year is what it took for me to apply the same principles of understanding and empathy, while making some mistakes on the way, to get a new relationship to the performing stage.

Business is a new story. It takes longer to prove your point in it. It has been a year and a half in it for me, and the most important lessons I have learnt are patience, perseverance, the ability to take risks, and to able to face adversity with a smile and lots of hope for the future.

Well, I just got the ball rolling, needed to scrape off the rust of not blogging for so long. I promise you I am feeling much better now. Friends, I am back!