Tuesday 2 October 2012

Money Can Buy Happiness!

"I bought a new smartphone. I was happy, very happy. My first smartphone. With Android installed I could explore the various applications which would make my life better. Wow! My Blackberry looked old to me now, it was one year old, this new Sony Xperia looked much better. Awesome!"

"The old computer table was not working for me anymore. I needed a new one. I had to match the colour with the other furniture in the room. So I bought the one which fit my criteria. It was wonderful!"

Can money buy happiness? Of course it can! It is buying happiness for people everyday. Money is not bad, it is good. Having money means more possibilities, more options. I can go to more places, buy more stuff, go to expensive restaurants and look at the menu and not the price, I can upgrade from Big Bazar to Shoppers Stop, and what not! That car I want to buy, that home that I was looking forward to.

It is a material world, and people are becoming restless and competitive and short sighted by the day. It is about now, live now, today will not return, do it now, buy it now, enjoy it now, live the moment. No matter how much we talk about becoming spiritual and enjoy the precious moments with our loved ones, it takes money to satisfy our needs. We cannot just sit in our living room and chat with family. We want to go to a restaurant. Or install an air conditioner in the living room. Maybe order some pizza to make the chatting time fun. That is quality time!

I never thought money could be so important. But then, let us face reality. It is that important. Corruption proves it so well. It is not only about the politicians, it is about the businessman who creates black money, the common man who pays a bribe, there is money buying so much everyday.

However, here is an alternative thought process about money. Where does the money come from? Does it grow on trees or fall from the sky? Well, we earn it, don't we? We earn it through hard work, effort, strategy and what not! Every month when an employee gets the salary, he/she feels happy. Because that salary has now created possibilities of getting things which are needed or desired. So if "Effort" gets us "Money" which in turn buys "Happiness", does it mean that "Effort" buys us "Happiness".

Well, I will leave it to you to decide. Now go buy some more Happiness!

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