Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Howrah-Haldia Local

It was the year 2003. My first trip to Haldia. The assignment that took me there was facilitating soft skills classes for an engineering college. I believe many of my students of Haldia Institute Of Technology would be remembering those days while reading this. Nostalgia?

After the year 2006 I did not go back to Haldia. I had changed jobs and had to spend my time in Kolkata, and then in England.

The roots somehow do not leave you. The early part of my career was built in that college in Haldia, and this year I was called again. Although the assignment was for a corporate, I was excited to travel to a place I liked for reasons that need not be explained.

The journey is by the Howrah-Haldia Local passenger train. This journey that I would be making once every month for the next few months is one I look forward to. It reminds me of the old days and brings me back to the ground. God has been grateful to remind me that no matter how successful you become you need to keep your feet on the ground. I could probably put it in another way - no matter how much time you spend in the airplane you have to land once in a while.

I get to watch the hawkers in the train selling almost everything under the sun! From safety pins to books, from snacks to coffee, from fruits to digestive pills. The "jhal muri" and the "aloo-mochar chop" is a must for me in this journey, I never miss it.

There is so much to learn as well. Sales is one topic that I get different insights on everytime I travel. The other is inspiration. You look at all the people and you see how they are living their lives everyday. The struggle, the pain, the success and the happiness, they live! There are people who also teach me to appreciate life, and then people who I see not complaining in spite of not living a life of luxury. I feel privileged.

So what do I do with all these learnings? I apply. I get inspired. I tell people to live life, no matter what. I motivate people to follow their hearts.

If you are not convinced, just hop on, the Howrah-Haldia Local is waiting...