Tuesday 18 December 2012

And when I looked into her eyes...

Heaven is where she must have come from. It wasn't easy for me. The moment her eyes met mine we fell in love.

If you travel to the mountains you will see that amazing waterfall, that plateau that takes your breath away, that sky which calls you to fly to it, the breeze that welcomes you to a place so beautiful that you do not want to leave that place ever. She was the mountain, the plateau, the sky and the breeze.

She looked at me again. One glance. And there I was, yearning for more. "Once more dear, just once more!"

It was as if the entire world was teasing me along with her. She brushed her hand over her soft, silky hair. The wind contrived and made her hair fly a little, enough to reveal the beautiful earrings she was wearing.

"God, I can't move!"

I was staring at her. She wouldn't look at me anymore. Just a hint of mischief was evident in her smile. She knew I was watching her, she knew I was falling in love. And she enjoyed the moment.

"Please be with me, forever," is what I wanted to say. She turned toward me for a second, smiled, and looked away again. My heart skipped a beat. "She likes me, she heard what I said in my heart," I was hoping just like any other man. Hope kept me alive, made me think of more.

She was smiling. She stood up, looked at me one more time, gave me a smile. "See you soon," she said.

She spoke to me! I was speechless. I couldn't ask when we would meet again. "Lady Luck,' I said quietly, "please come back soon. I will miss you!"

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Unknown said...

Wow.. Sir..
It's amazing..
Lady luck... U must know that at first I thought about.. u know... but my heart told me that wait for it coz the twist is coming...... Its amazing.... :-)