Saturday 29 December 2012

Much Ado About Something

So what does the series of rape cases in India prove? That women are not safe in this country? That men are animals waiting to pounce on the next victim? That the government is doing nothing for the security of women, or even men perhaps? That the police turn a blind eye on people breaking laws?

Who is responsible for this? Isn't it convenient to simply point fingers at others and feel good about it? So the government is responsible, right?

Before we walk down the streets with candles in hand to protest against any and every incident, let us wake up from our lack of education. I am not talking about the formal education that we get, that doesn't seem to do much to make human beings into humane beings. It is the education that makes us analyse situations and find the best solutions. A few protests could be fuel to larger mass movements, but will it work in the modern world?

Modern society has a lot more on its plate than ever before. The responsibility of anything good and bad is shared equally by all in the society. Yes, there would be criminals, because we do not live in an ideal society of good people. But don’t we turn away from many situations ourselves, which give the criminals more courage to commit bigger crimes. They just get away because the well-behaved civilized people of society are busy managing their day-to-day lives! Of course we have the police to nab them, but do we also understand that we do not have enough police folks to manage the law and order?

So, what is the root cause, or perhaps causes? Have you ever bought anything and not asked for a bill? Have you ever bought stuff from the streets (where there is no bill anyway)? Have you submitted fake “rent bills” to save tax?

These are just a few questions to help us get an insight on the root cause. When we do something to save our money by doing something illegal and also support illegal activities (including purchasing stuff without a bill as that helps the shop owner to avoid paying tax to the government), we are ensuring that the government does not have enough money, thereby, the salaries of a lot of people who are supposed to put their lives on stake to save us are not high. So if we are individualistic in our mindset and don’t think about the development of the country, why do we expect “others” to do so? Well, they are the same, just like all of us!

A debate on the root causes of the problems faced by the society and our country is essential if we REALLY want to solve the problems as a COUNTRY, and not as MEN, WOMEN, some POLITICAL PARTY, or COMMUNITY.

The crimes being committed against women is just one part of the problem, it is not THE problem. If we are short-sighted we will hold protest marches against this aspect and help POLITICAL PARTIES to gain mileage, and of course, the MEDIA gets a lot of business!

If we want change, we need to start a different movement altogether, a movement that demands a thorough Root Cause Analysis, followed by Solutions. The whole country can brainstorm and suggest solutions. I believe we have enough intelligent people to take up the role of facilitators. Many solutions may demand sacrifices from us as individuals, but I think we can do our bit for the sake of our Country, right?

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Sthito said...

Its not rape cases anymore. Now its rape deaths.