Sunday 10 March 2013

Why Am I Alive?

Life is a set of fleeting happenings, numerous in number, and so different from each other. As we move from one day to another, we take steps forward into what is the unknown. Mostly it is about hope and the will to do better, and sometimes it is despair, and absolute hopelessness.

Have you ever thought what your life is about? Why are you living the life that you are right now? Does it have a meaning? Why have you been doing whatever you have been doing all these years? What is next, and why?

I observe nature and all that lies within its realm. The trees, the animals and all creatures – everything seems to be living in some form of cycle. A pattern is repeated again and again without anyone really taking the time to think about it. What is the use in thinking anyway? The pattern would remain the same; the cycle will not change either.

Herein lies the interesting and somewhat different animal called human being. They have changed the way nature has been operating for years. We think more than what we were supposed to! Or at least many people do. But even with all the so-called intelligence and the higher ability to comprehend things better, sometimes even we are lost in the cycles and patterns that engulf us. The everyday noise makes us deaf, the rush and grind makes us blind.

I feel good whenever I get the time to think. I step back from the everyday routine and become human. Yes, otherwise it is mostly about living the set pattern. I ask myself questions that I mostly cannot answer. But what makes me happy is the fact that I can sit back, relax and ponder over those meanings which I cannot understand. Sometimes I get a few answers and I feel happy.

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