Saturday 4 May 2013

Coffee Time, Cafe Time! Musings of a Cafe Lover!

The heat was evident from the sweat that covered my forehead. I took off the laptop bag from my shoulders and put it on a chair. Another chair was for me to rest. I took out my handkerchief (a must in summer in a place like Kolkata) and dabbed my forehead to remove the sweat. Once I was comfortable I took out my laptop and placed it on the table.

I was wondering what people do in a cafe. By the way, I love Cafe Coffee Day because of various reasons. One of the most important reasons being a place where ideas are brewed along with coffee. Most of my business ideas and strategies till now have been developed in cafes, mostly in CCD. I have my own little superstitions as well regarding the choice of cafes. I specifically like the one in Park Street, and the second priority is the one in Camac Street. I have no reasons except that I feel I get more ideas in these two cafes, and Manish, my business partner, agrees.

But there is more than getting business ideas. It is about the humdrum of life. People of all kinds are there, and they spend a significant amount of time there. There are happy lovers and sad lovers, folks from the corporate world discussing work, senior citizens enjoying a couple of hours of togetherness in a new environment, friends hanging out, and so many more! Then there are people like us who need inspiration and content to write.

It is a brilliant concept, I mean the cafe. It has become an integral part of my life. Whenever I have to meet someone outside an office environment, and we wouldn't want to eat much, the only thought is the cafe.

I switched on my laptop. It took a few minutes to boot. Meanwhile I walked to the ordering counter and ordered for a cold coffee (I really need something cold in this summer heat). The people here know me as a customer who likes to spend a significant amount of time in the cafe. They are friendly and helpful, with a wonderful smile on their faces. Nothing beats good behavior and excellent customer service!

As they create the wonderful “Tropical Iceberg” for me, I now need to get into what I am here for, writing my second book.

I would love to read about your cafe experiences, so please leave a comment below. And, Happy Coffee Time, my friend!

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Unknown said...

I just like those cold coffees, be it summer or winter... And coffee time for me is to enjoy that coffee, and also to think whether i can make something so delicious and creamy and so coffee... :-) It is also to just think, & think(anything under the sun) and enjoy.. but that doesn't happen because i mostly go with my friends... :-)
And be it ccd or barista, i am happy with that creamy delicious mouth watering coffee.. :-)