Sunday 5 May 2013

Which comes first - Chicken or Egg?

The age-old question applies very well in your job as well. How? That is exactly what I am trying to explain in this post.

I have always heard this question about getting that promotion or the hike in a job, or rather not getting it! "My boss doesn't like me" and "I am demotivated" - this is all crap for me. Absolute nonsense these whining are! Why?

Consider the fact that all that complaining does not work. If you really don't like the job, or your boss, just quit and get another one. But if you have hopped into your third or fourth job, at the least, and find it all the same, then isn't there something wrong with you?

Believe it or not, it is human nature to whine and complain. Only a few can come out of this cycle of no gain. The ones who do are the people who really care more about their personal development based on the work they contribute for their team. These are people who believe in "doing a little bit more than what they are paid for."

So, why the chicken and egg question? Well, shall I first be promoted to a position and then I prove how good I can handle it, or shall I first work in a manner so as to take up responsibilities and prove my mettle before I am formally promoted to that position? The answer varies from person to person, but in my observation, I have seen most people preferring the first option.

I have always believed and propagated the latter - prove your worth before you are promoted. That way nobody can question your rise as well, and you know very well yourself that you have been doing the work of that position well anyway.

So, it is your choice - chicken first or egg first - whatever meaning you give to them!

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