Sunday, 29 June 2014

From Thinking Big to Big Action

Success is not only about thinking big. It's also about big action.

The greatest drawback that I have witnessed in people is not a lack of ability or thinking, but the discipline to take action. While there are many who want to do a lot, and also have brilliant ideas on what and how, there are only a few who take the right steps, focus on the goals, work hard and make things happen.

Entrepreneurship has taught me this valuable lesson on success. The old fashioned hard work has no substitutes. Use technology, become innovative, get smart people, but all that would be of no use without dedicated action.

Today my role as a strategist in my company doesn't take away the element of hard work. Every minute of thinking about the steps for the company is followed by some non-strategic tasks as well. Both involve complete focus and presence of mind. Handling situations on a daily basis, making sure everyone is on track, trying to convince people that work requires a lot of persistence and effort, all this takes a lot out of me.

 After every planning meeting is created a list of actionable items. Are these tasks delegated to the right people, are they handling them well, are they completing the tasks on time? There is so much more than to simply create a list and then not doing the tasks on time. That would be a complete mockery of the time spent in planning as well!

Success at work is not everyone's cup of tea, and entrepreneurship is an even bigger challenge. You have your cup, what you pour into it is up to you. And what you pour in it is what you will taste - either a distasteful failure of all ingredients or a beautiful blend of aromatic success!

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