Wednesday 17 June 2015

8 Things Successful People Do

1. They keep themselves optimistic and smile
Mindfulness comes with practice, and more importantly with intent. This is the first step to become optimistic. That is what successful people do. They practice mindfulness and stay optimistic. This state of mind helps them to smile and smile again!

2. They read books instead of watching television
Ask successful people what they do with their time and you will find they don’t watch television. Even if they do it is not more than 30 minutes in a day.
On the other hand they make it a point to read books. Self-help books are a favourite and a minimum of 30 minutes of reading everyday is a discipline that they maintain.

3. They take action instead of dwelling in thoughts alone
Yes, successful people think, but they proceed beyond just thoughts. They take action. Actions always speak louder than thoughts! Imagine you have thoughts and ideas, but don’t take action, would you achieve any constructive result? Successful people know the importance of taking action and making things happen.

4. They will get up every time they fall
The truth is that successful people fail a number of times. They fail because they take risks. Remember the old adage – No risk no gain?
What is more important to note is that the failures don’t stop these people from taking more risks and further action. Every time they fall they get up – and stronger! This is a great characteristic of successful people.

5. They live in the Now
Successful people don’t dwell in the past – be it achievements or failures. The only time that we live is NOW. They live in the NOW and think and do this moment. They also don’t dwell in the future – with only hopes and dreams. Dreams are like goals for them, but they dwell in the present and do things NOW!

6. They always keep their goals in sight
Without a target, what is there to hit? Successful people keep their sights on their goals, always. That is what keeps them on track. What you do right now is either taking you towards your goals or away from it, or you may just stand still. So keeping the goal in mind helps take positive action.

7. They do more than what they are paid for
Money is not the primary motivator of successful people. Achieving goals, doing the work with passion is what does. Thus, they always do more than what they are paid for. They know that not doing more would restrict their own personal growth and development.

8. They keep themselves healthy - both mind and body
Health is wealth, it truly is! And successful people understand that. Keeping the mind healthy through positive thinking and mindfulness and keeping the body healthy through relaxation and exercises is what they do at a regular basis. Stay healthy to achieve more and be happy!

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