Wednesday 3 June 2015

The Perfect You!

Don't try too hard to be someone else, like that model shown on television, or that friend who looks perfect in that dress, or whoever else you might think has the look you want. You are so unique that trying to be someone else would be like trying to kill the person called you. Why would you want to do that?

You have what it takes. It is just that you haven't realized it yet. No one is perfect. What is perfection anyway? Perfection is a mirage, the more you try to get it the further it gets away. It doesn't exist.

Look inside you. Look at what you have achieved in your life. You are alive. You have lived through so many challenging days. You have been able to bear all the negative thoughts and comments. You have passed examinations. You have loved people and made them happy. You have helped animals. You have watered plants. You have given a smile to your friend, or maybe that man on the street who really needed it!

If you would ask me I would say you are just the person the world needs to make it a whole. Without the real you so many things would not be in place. You complete the world!

So just be who you are, yourself, just the way you are. If people love you it is because of who you are. We can't fake it to get love. Just keep thinking positive, keep taking great actions, move ahead in life, and enjoy every moment of it. Remember, someone in the world loves you even if you feel otherwise. So change that feeling, be happy, love others and see how much of the same love and happiness you receive in return!

- Zubin Rashid

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