Sunday 7 June 2015

What makes you a Winner?

Every now and then we have a feeling of not being able to achieve. I hear a lot of people hiding their true feelings in the garb of smiles and brags. The veracity lies deep within the heart - not getting the raise or promotion, not being able to buy things that are needed, not being able to cope up to competing with the neighbour or friend - you name it and there is so much to worry!

But how can you come out of the rut - this feeling of inadequacy and at your wit's end? Is it you alone who is feeling that way? Let me assure you, there are many, in fact most people feel that way one time or the other.

Winners somehow control their feelings. You cannot avoid the situations or feelings, but you can definitely work on them. The first step for sure is to push the negative thinking out of your mind through constant practice. But the key lies in thinking long term - the short term approach doesn't give you the best results. The short term is about survival, the long term is about the creating the life that you want. So the graph doesn't go steeply up and then suddenly fall down. It grows gradually and steadily. Trying to win the lottery has thrown a lot of people deep into dark abysses. So take the path on which you have more control and you have better assurance of success.

Here is what most people don't do. They don't set goals. I am not talking about the goal setting exercise only in your job - the ones that lead to the appraisals. I am referring to all goals in life - all of those things that you want. Of course, you need to be realistic in your approach, but remember that in the longer term almost anything is possible. So, if you know that you are leaving your home to go to office - your goal is reaching office - you will carve out the best path to reach your destination. You will find the way, the transport required, you will calculate the time required and you will move and reach your goal!

Then why can't the same process be applied in everything else that we want to achieve? Again a bitter truth stares at our face! There are times we have some goals in our thoughts, but that is where it remains and then evaporates. We don't work on the thoughts, we don't believe in the possibility of achieving them. This where we can change ourselves to become winners. Act on those thoughts! I mean, take action. Period.

I can list a big list of skills required to achieve success, but none of it would be applicable until you are ready to take action.

Winners are optimistic. They set positive goals. They plan and carve out a path. They take action and move towards their goal. In spite of some challenges that would be found on the way, they solve the problems, find alternative paths, and finally reach their goals. That is why they are winners. They have the conviction to see things through and achieve!

So, are you ready to be a winner?

-Zubin Rashid

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