Wednesday 7 December 2016

"After all is said and done, more is said than done."

It is pretty easy to talk. 
It is pretty easy to make promises. 
It is pretty easy to say you will do it.

Although we say "Action speaks louder than words," it is quite evident that there are just too many words being thrown around everywhere. We are lost in a sea of words. Sometimes I ask myself if this is a hopeless situation. And then I ask myself what is the challenge and what is the solution to it.

Words have a great impact. When you use the right words in the right context, they are a very powerful tool. But when the words lack follow up action, they cease to continue being powerful, they just seem so hollow. Only making promises can get you the initial support, but the moment people realise that you were only loud but just full of air, they will withdraw all favourable thoughts about you.

Let us consider a hypothetical situation. Your boss tells you that s/he will get you another team member as the workload is getting higher. You feel happy and put in extra effort to support the team till the new team member joins. A month passes and still no sign of the new member. You talk to your boss and s/he says that interviews are on and soon someone would be selected. Another month passes by. You get the same reply from your boss. After another month you have got used to the extra work, and the new team member is nowhere in sight. You feel that s/he just talks and doesn't deliver. There is a loss of trust.

On another occasion the boss promises to bring in a new team member and keeps his/her word. You believe in your boss. The next time s/he says something or makes a commitment you have complete faith in him/her.

I have met numerous salespeople who make false claims and people who have deceived me. I have lost trust in them and have never purchased anything from them hence. But a few convinced me with good faith and excellent communication. They have not used false claims but used the truth to convince me. I continue buying from them. I have learnt a lot from them.

In one experience of mine, one team member reporting to me wanted a soft board in the training room. As a trainer she wanted to do some activities which involved pinning some papers on the soft board. I promised it will be done. It took me some coaxing for my boss to approve the budget and I got the soft board installed. She was elated. It was unbelievable to note that she became many times more committed in her work than before. Was it the soft board?

"After all is said and done, more is said than done." But the day when you at least do what you say, you will find the difference it makes. 

Don't make promises that you cannot keep. 
Don't make false claims. 
Don't just talk and not take action.

Let your actions do more talking than your tongue.

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