Thursday 16 February 2017

Public Speaking Secrets – Speak & Grow Rich! #2

#2 Standing Tall

The language of the body has more impact than simply verbal communication. A very important aspect of this is posture. While presenting, how should you stand?

This appears quite simple, yet, I have found most people don’t stand straight while speaking or presenting. There is a tendency to incline towards one direction or the other. You may find yourself leaning towards your right, and then after a while you change that direction.

Standing tall fundamentally means standing straight. In fact, when you are standing straight you are at your tallest height. This posture also makes you look confident and more in control of your own movements.

The best way to check if you are standing tall, or not, is to get your speech or presentation video recorded. Watch yourself in the video later and see your posture. Are you standing tall?

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