Wednesday 22 March 2017

Public Speaking Secrets – Speak & Grow Rich! #4

#4 The Lighthouse Technique

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, your eyes are very important in public speaking. Think about any moving light. Does it attract your attention? Yes! If you have heard about the lighthouse, you would know that it has a moving light that guides ships. We use this concept to connect eye-contact with the audience in public speaking and presentations.

What you do is rotate your head to your left and to your right when speaking. But you do it naturally. When you speak to a group of friends seated to your left and right, what do you do when you speak? Don’t you look at all of them at different times while you are speaking? We do the same in public speaking.

This lighthouse technique is one of the important tools to maintain audience interest. If you do not look at a section of the audience, they would feel ignored, and at a sub-conscious level, would lose interest in what you are saying.

Do you use this technique during your talks and presentations?

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