Friday 19 May 2017

Public Speaking Secrets – Speak & Grow Rich! #6

#6 Breathe slowly. Stay calm.

Controlling nervousness has a physical aspect. When you get nervous you start breathing faster and chances are you will have a dry throat and mouth. Many people ask me what can be done in such a situation. While there are points about the mind that need to be considered, however, let us focus on the body and understand what can be done.

I found that learning to breathe very slowly is an instant solution. When you take long and deep breaths, you slow down your heart beat and feel relaxed. The nervousness reduces and allows you to speak calmly. This needs to be learnt and practiced to improve its effects.

I also advise speakers to drink a moderate amount of water to prevent the mouth to become dry very fast and to keep hydrated and fit. When you speak, you need to be on top form!

Do you take three deep breaths and drink some water before every speech or presentation?

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