Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Public Speaking Secrets - Speak & Grow Rich! #8

#8 Gestures Communicate

Close your eyes and imagine someone speaking without any movement of the hand or the body and with an expressionless face. Do you think such a person can hold the audience’s attention for long? I am a strong believer in gestures. This is something that helps a person to communicate with more conviction and helps the audience to understand the meaning of the words better.

Gestures compliment the words that are spoken. Be it with the hands or any gesture from any part of the body. We use all kinds of gestures to make the words more visual for the audience. A lively presenter with these gestures is loved by people who listen to them.

Stand in front of the mirror and speak a couple of sentences. Speak without gestures first and then with them. You will notice the difference. Remember to use the correct gestures. You cannot point upwards and say “down”!

Are you using gestures while speaking in front of an audience?

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