Thursday, 29 June 2017

Public Speaking Secrets - Speak & Grow Rich! #10

#10 Walk. Stop. Talk.

The small plant sways graciously as the breeze passes over it. The dancer on stage uses planned movements synchronized with the music and we love to watch her perform. The speaker walks to another part of the stage confidently and briskly and the audience is watching him and focusing on his speech.

There is something about movement. Anything that moves attracts us. But the kind of movement defines whether the attraction creates a positive or a negative image in our mind. Since I am writing about public speaking and presenting, let me tell you about a simple rule that you can follow on movement. Remember these three words: Walk, Stop, Talk.

Walk when you are introducing a sub topic or point.

Stop after you have introduced the sub topic or point.

Talk about the sub topic or point in detail after that.

Repeat the process for every sub topic or point.

The fine tuning on movement can only be done with practice. You will have to build within your own mind the frequency of movements based on the presentation time and the points that you want to cover. For a longer duration speech you use less frequent movements.

Are you following the rule of Walk, Stop, Talk?

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