Thursday, 6 July 2017

Style without Substance is Relationship without Love

Public Speaking Secrets - Speak and Grow Rich! (series)

#11 Content is King

A casual relationship has nothing to do with love, and it does not last long. Love is what makes the relationship strong and lasts long, in many cases a lifetime. When you go for a date what do you look for in the other person? Do you look for only style and suave or do you look for substance and character?

Humans understand pretty fast if they are getting something worthwhile from another person. We do not want to waste our time by attending a presentation which is not useful for us. If you focus only on your body language, your voice and your movement on stage, you will not succeed. Like the foundation of a building, content is the base on which you build everything else. A weak building with a beautiful exterior and design will not stand for long. A presentation or speech without useful content but garbed well with external show will not be remembered or appreciated by the audience.

The preparation stage is extremely important because this is when you structure and build your content. Analyse your audience, research on what would be a useful takeaway for them, and then build your speech or presentation based on this evaluation and understanding. Always give the audience something that they can use after the presentation.

#10 Walk. Stop. Talk.

Zubin Rashid is an International Consultant in Public Speaking, Intercultural Consulting, and Team Building. He is an Author of 4 books, including his latest on personal growth and development called Dream Learn Act Achieve. He is a Newspaper Columnist, and frequently contributes to different media. He has been featured in various newspapers and magazines as an author, and as a soft skills and public speaking expert.